Token of my love: Buying the Wedding Rings

As an enduring visual reminder of your commitment to each other, it’s important to find the perfect rings that will stand the test of time

The exchanging of rings marks the commitment you are making to each other and as you will be wearing it every day for the rest of your lives, it’s important to make sure it is the perfect one.

Although it’s difficult not to get carried away with choosing the ring that looks the prettiest – or sparkles the most – there are practical considerations to bear in mind.

As you already have an engagement ring you will need to pick a wedding band that sits nicely alongside it, both in look and comfort. An unusual twist or design in the engagement ring may mean you need to look at getting a bespoke band made.
It’s a good idea to get your wedding band in the same metal as your engagement ring as different metals can wear on each other depending on how tough they are.

Practicalities aside, the world is your oyster when it comes to design – jewellers offer an array of choices, or alternatively why not consider getting a one-off piece made especially for you?

There are no rules when it comes to what you can opt for. Although traditionally it was a simple gold band, these days brides are choosing to have diamonds, jewels or even go for white gold.

You could also add the extra personal touch by asking the jeweller to put an engraving on the rings, for example each other’s names or the date of the wedding.

Take your time before making a final decision – you will be wearing this for the rest of your life, so try to pick a design that will last the ages.

For him

It’s easy when it comes to the rings to concentrate on the bride’s choice, but don’t forget it’s just as important to find the right ring for the groom.

If he has never worn a ring before this is likely to be first time he’s ever thought about what would suit him – and if he’s not used to wearing one it might be an idea to go for not too thick a band as it will feel more comfortable.

Bear in mind if he has a manual job as you will want to pick a strong metal so it is not worn down by daily work.

And just because it’s the groom doesn’t mean he can’t have diamonds in his ring too!

Photo: © Helen England