The personal touch: Invitations, Gift lists and Guestbooks

As with many things in life there is always paperwork involved, but from invitations to picking a guest book this can also be another exciting part of your preparations

Once you’ve set the date it’s time to start planning – and the sooner the better. Although it’s your big day and choosing the dress and the venue is more exciting, unless you want to be the only people present you need to take some time to think about your guests to make sure they put the date in their diary and know exactly what is going on.

Save the Date

To ensure all the special people in your life are present, the earlier you can let them know the date, the less chance of getting some disappointing RSVPs.

Don’t worry if you don’t know any more than the date at this point all you need to do is make sure they know which day the ceremony is on and whether they need to book any time off work or think about travel and arranging accommodation if they have to come any distance.



This is where you can get as creative as you want to. If it is important to you to make your wedding as personal as possible you could make them yourself. Craft shops will have an array of cards, ribbons, feathers, sequins – or whatever takes your fancy – to adorn them with.

You could always use the invitations as a way to introduce the theme or colour for the big day if you know what it is going to be.

Opting to make them yourself can be fun, but ensure you start early if you are inviting a large number of guests as they will inevitably take longer to put together than you anticipated!

Don’t worry if you’re not the creative type as there are plenty of stores and online companies that can help you – from simple, elegant cards that just contain the key information in a formal style, to more detailed or funky ones such as those pictured above. Online options will also often offer the chance to put photos on them too.

Gift lists

There is always the danger with wedding gifts that if you leave the guests to decide what to buy you may end up with items you already have, multiple versions of things you didn’t have or some things that you really have no need for.

Your best bet is to compile a gift list. Department stores offer a service where you can set up a page on their website listing all the presents you would like from their store, then as guests buy them they will disappear from the list.

Alternatively, if you would like presents from a variety of different places you could organise your own web page to manage yourself.

Different guests will have varying budgets to spend on gifts so make sure you have all price ranges covered, or give the option of buying gift vouchers.

Guest books

Having a guest book means you will have another special memento of the day. A blank unlined book is a good idea as it allows guests to write as much or as little as possible.

An alternative innovative idea comes in the form of the Love Bird Drop Top Wedding Guest Book, pictured above, from Getting Personal. Guests can write their well wishes on one of 80 bird-shaped tokens and then slot them in the top of the frame to be collected with the others at the bottom.

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