The Perfect Seating Plan

The finishing touches to your wedding day can often be the worst and working out a final seating plan for your reception might not be an easy task

But worry not, have some useful tips to help get your seating plan finalised in no time!

Top table

You should always start with the top table. Traditionally the top table will have the bride and groom in the centre, with the bride’s father and mother and bridesmaids (or chief bridesmaid if you are having a couple) on her side and on the Groom’s side, mother of the groom, father and bestman. If you have parents that are separated and they don’t get on, this maybe tricky.

It’s your day so you can have it your way. So if the traditional setting doesn’t work for you, why not try something different? You could opt for a ‘Sweetheart table’ for just the bride & groom or share a table with your bridesmaids, bestman and ushers.

Younger guests

Many couples opt for a ‘childrens table’ where you could put some colouring books or goodie bags made especially for children. If you have younger children they should sit with their parents.

Table numbers

Table numbers are an easy and simple way of directing your guests to their seats. Why not be creative and use pebbles with your guests name on or a pebble with the table number on?

Your guests

Try to sit couples together where possible or at least on the same table. Don’t be tempted to use the table plan as a match-making tool, it will be really obvious and embarrassing for your single friends.

The meal is a big part of your day so try and put people with similar personalities together. You don’t want any clashes to spoil your big day. But remember it is your special day so don’t feel pressured by anyone to put guests in particular places.

Be proactive

Don’t leave your table until the last minute as you don’t want a rushed job. You don’t have to wait until all your RSVP’s have come back, you can simply tweak as you go along.