Suiting Up for the Big Day

The main feature of a wedding shouldn’t be about your appearance, of course, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to look your best on your big day

A well-tailored suit is the pinnacle of formal menswear, the absolute foundation of a gentleman’s wardrobe.

Whatever brand you choose to don for your wedding suit, they will usually offer a bespoke Made to Measure service, as we do at Jules B. The importance of this is paramount as everyone is of different shapes and sizes. The waist size may be perfect but the leg length is a little out; the sleeves are spot on but the chest is too tight. In order to skip the jumbled process in which these little issues are resolved, one needs to have a unique and personalised ensemble tailor-made for them; something that will be a flawless fit and be able to treasure for years to come.

Here are some style pointers to consider when planning possibly the most important outfit you will ever wear…

Which type of suit should you go for?

The type of suit to wear for your wedding totally depends on its theme (formal/informal), location and of course preference of the groom. If you are going for a traditional, old-school wedding then a morning suit or tails are suitable options. A morning suit is usually grey or back and features one large tail to the rear of the jacket. Usually worn with pin-stripe trousers and a top hat, a morning suit is the most formal option. Tails are similar however there are two tails and no top hat is required. A tail suit should be worn with a white shirt, waistcoat and cravat.

If glamour, glamour and more glamour is what your big day is all about then perhaps black tie is will be your suit of choice. Ideal for evening weddings with a formal, ball-like reception, black tie offers that sharp, sophisticated look that would make any bride swoon. The final and perhaps most popular option is the classic lounge suit. The lounge suit is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their suit for everyday or work use after the main event. Enhance your lounge suit with a waistcoat or cummerbund if you feel it is a little plain, or, to stand out from your groomsmen, choose a contrast waistcoat and tie.

Jules b 2 suit

And the colour?

Colour is important. Obviously, you need to go for whatever colour suits you best, and a lot contributes to this. It could be your hair-colour, your complexion or even your size.


You may think black is a safe option, but consider a few things first. If you are having a summer wedding, then perhaps this isn’t right. ‘Sweaty groom’ is not a good look. Black suits are traditionally worn to funerals, so be sure to wear a waistcoat and cravat/tie that are of a different shade, light grey or even a light pink, to make a sharp divide from this rather different occasion.


Navy suits always look sophisticated and timeless. A perfect option if you want to wear your suit again for work or other formal events. Try a pink shade for your accessories, styling with either brown or black shoes, brown being a little more casual, however.


Less a colour and more a pattern, pinstripes are actually quite a popular choice for a wedding suit. To avoid a messy, busy appearance, team with simple, plain accessories for that sleek finish.

Jules b 3 suit

How should a suit fit?

There are hundreds of pointers one needs to consider when making sure their suit is just the right fit, so here are the main ones.

• The shoulder should lie flat and not create any ripples on the sleeve.
• The seat of your trousers should drape smoothly over the rear and shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy, which will again create ripples on the thighs.
• The trouser break (on the bridge of the foot) should be a small, subtle feature; one horizontal dimple.
• About half an inch of shirt fabric should be visible under the sleeve.
• The jacket hem should sit directly at the centre of your hand, when placed at your side. If it falls above the wrist, it is too short, and below your finger tips means it is too long.

Whatever you choose for your big day, confidence always looks good and a smile will never go out of fashion.

*This is a sponsored post on PYW from Jules B*