Retro Is the Way To Go When It Comes To Sweet Wedding Favours

As wedding season is just around the corner and with venues, caterers and entertainment booked, couples will start turning their attention to the fun and frivolous favours! Over at Treats, we are often approached with huge orders by couples using us for their favours, so we decided to conduct a survey to find the nations all-time favourite sweets.

We received over 1000 UK residents aged between 18-65, a good representation of adult guests at wedding.  The last survey of this kind was carried out was in 2015 for chocolate and 2009 for sweets.

The results are as follows:

Top 10 British Sweets of ALL TIME

1. Black Jacks
2.Giant Strawbs
3. Flying Saucers
4.Sour Cherries
5.Fuzzy Peaches
6. Fizzy Cola Bottles
7. Milk Bottles
8.Baby Dolphins
9. Fruit Salads
10. Cola Cubes

Other retro sweets included in the top 15 were Parma Violets, Rainbow Drops and Refresher Chews.

Top 10 British Chocolate Bars of All Time

1.Dairy Milk
4.Milky Bar
5.Twirl. 6.Aero
7.Fruit and Nut
9. Snickers

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