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From hiring a food truck to feed your guests to creating a stunning centrepiece starring a decadent birdcage brimming with flowers, those little extras will make all the difference – and need not blow the budget!

Brides and grooms are constantly seeking inspiration for their big day, for innovative ideas to make sure they stand out from the crowd and give their guests a day to remember. Top of the emerging trends which are easily adaptable to your wedding theme, venue and number of guests is hiring props for a unique twist and getting a food truck to park up.
From candyfloss and toffee apples to burgers and pies, the options are endless, need not be absurdly expensive and are 100% exciting to plan.
With the average cost of catering for a wedding estimated at £3,000, brides and grooms are becoming more creative in finding ways to feed their guests which won’t blow the big day budget while also catering for all tastes – and hiring a food truck fits the bill.
From stone-baked pizza to Mexican cuisine or freshly-ground coffee to ice cream, the food truck provides a tangible experience for guests – they can watch their food being prepared and even order their own specific favourites, fillings, toppings and sides!
The popularity of the food truck has sprung from the rise of street food and gourmet culinary choices on offer at festivals and other outdoor gatherings. Companies have adapted and refined choices and food trucks are now available too for private hire.
Essential elements
Some of the tips here might seem obvious but with the million-and-one other things you need to plan and organise for your big day, there is bound to be one thing you forget – don’t worry though, no one other than you is bound to notice! But not having enough food to go round could be slightly embarrassing, so set yourself a checklist and tick it off as you go along.

• Before you get too carried away with exciting plans for a food truck, check with your venue. Ask about permission for parking, or selling on site if you plan to charge your guests, enquire about electricity hook-ups, and make sure there’s room for your truck to park, with space for your guests to queue outside.
• However perfect your plans are, there’s one thing you cannot take for granted – the British weather! Consider all options when choosing where to park your truck, think about awnings, umbrellas etc…
• Make sure you’ll have enough food to go around. Some of your guests may have big appetites (people often won’t have had lunch or even breakfast before the wedding) so be sure to cater for guests who’d like seconds. Consider having a burger/taco/doughnut contingency so that your hungry guests can go for more.
• Talk to your caterer about additional extras and perhaps feature a buffet table with salads and sides alongside the truck.
• Check if your food truck owner has another engagement on the same day and needs to rush off or may run late getting to you on time. Double check there will be enough staff and supplies to meet the demands of your guests.