Man With A Plan

The groom must be immaculate for his wedding day so here’s a groom’s step-by-step guide on how to smarten up so that he might even upstage his bride!

We all take it for granted that the bride will look beautiful, but what about her bloke? From booking a hair cut – this is one time you can’t just walk in off the street and hope there is an appointment – to trimming your eyebrows and manicuring your nails, a little forward planning will have you looking the part on your big day.

Get a hair cut two days before the wedding. Know which style you want and what suits you. If you’re not sure, find a photo of a haircut you would like to have and take it with you. Lots of guys do this and you should not be embarrassed.

Have a trial run if you are planning to use hair gel – that last thing your future wife wants is her groom walking down the aisle with his hair looking like the spikes on a porcupine!

Traditional barbers often also offer wet shaves, so if this is for you, book an appointment on the morning of the wedding. “Men come in on their wedding day as brides don’t want shaving rashes,” says one industry expert. “Women love the smoothness.”

For grooms pampering at home, get into a regular skincare routine in the weeks running up to the wedding. Exfoliate the skin then lavish it with a vitamin E rich moisturiser.

Neat eyebrows sharpen your features and give you a more chiselled appearance. For eyebrow trimming you are going to need some tweezers – hopefully your fiancée will have some you can borrow, but remember to clean them and put the back afterwards. Alternatively, make an appointment to have them professionally shaped and waxed.

If you are like most grooms, you will not think about your hands until the moment you and your bride exchange rings, but making sure they look good is the easiest piece of grooming you can do. Keep them clean, both by washing and removing dirt from beneath the nails. Use a male hand moisturiser for several weeks before the wedding.

Bright eyes? Eye whitening drops/mist spray brighten and revive tired eyes in an instant – but hopefully you won’t be suffering the aftereffects of your stag night on the day of your wedding!

And don’t forget that all-important, confidence-boosting smile – your photo is going to be taken a lot and the last thing you want is to look back and be ashamed at the state of your teeth.

Last but not least – to wax or not to wax? Many men choose to wax and there are plenty of body parts that you can get treated. You can wax your feet, your chest, your back, your arms, your face and well…your derriere! If you’ve never waxed before, be warned, it hurts – but then it is over very quickly and has long-lasting results. Try it six weeks before the wedding to see how you get on and then get another wax before the big day. If you’re going for DIY waxing, there are kits available, but it may be wise to ask someone for help as they can be tricky and messy.

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