Just the two of us: Your Honeymoon Guide

All your planning has paid off, you’ve had the day of your dreams and now it’s time to spend a bit of quality time as Mr & Mrs

Everyone wants something different when planning a holiday and a newly-wed couple is no exception. As the saying goes ‘opposites attract’, therefore it’s likely that a couple are going to be drawn to mismatched honeymoon ideas.

It’s important that both of you are happy with where you’ll be jetting, sailing or driving off to after your wedding.

It is tradition for the groom to organise the honeymoon alone, however, it may be a good idea to sit down together and come up with a range of ideas that you would both enjoy and then the groom can take it from there. After all, the last thing you want is an unhappy bride on her honeymoon!


New adventure

Some people are dare devils and all about the adventure when it comes to planning a holiday. If you fit into this type, then it may be a good idea to take a couple of days to relax before setting off.

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to create new experiences such as skydiving as a couple – but remember you’re going to be exhausted once the big day is over.

Mini Moon

Weddings are expensive and sometimes it’s hard to find the budget for a honeymoon afterwards. You don’t want to be just ‘settling’ on your destination when it comes to your honeymoon, so instead book your ideal getaway at a later date when you have the money for it – you could always make it a way to celebrate your first anniversary.

In the meantime, having a weekend getaway after your wedding can be a great way to escape and stretch out the wedding celebrations a little bit longer before getting back to reality.

“Honeymoons at home are becoming more popular”

This can also be a good idea if it’s monsoon season at your desired destination around the time of your wedding.


A lot of hotels offer all-inclusive packages which means they will be doing all the work and it’s one less stress for you to worry about. It can make your life easier as you just need to turn up and relax and know that all of the basics are paid for.

Home or Away?

Honeymoons at home are becoming more and more popular as there are so many beautiful countryside settings to stay in and explore on our doorstep.

There are a huge number of hotels to choose from whether you opt for the peace of the country or the excitement of the city – and your plans can be a bit more flexible as you will not need to deal with airport check-ins and passports.


Get Organised

Packing. Make sure you have packed everything about a week before your wedding as this gives you time to get anything you may have forgotten. It also means there is less stress leading up to the big day as it’s another thing you can check off the list.

If the groom has planned the honeymoon, then ensure the bride knows what to pack without giving the destination away.

Checklists. These can become your bestfriend when planning a honeymoon. Once it’s all booked, start making a checklist to ensure you have everything sorted.

The wedding itself will take priority so having a checklist means that nothing can be pushed to the back of your mind and forgotten about while you’re planning the details of the big day.

Passports. If flights have been booked in your married name then you will need to contact the Passport Office at least four months in advance to get a post-dated passport with your new married name.

Insurance and money. Remember to always get insurance, even if you’re just going to be laying on a beach for the duration. It’s better to be safe than sorry as they say. Also get your wedding and engagement rings insured just in case.

Collect your currency or travellers’ cheques at least a week before you set off.