It’s time to celebrate

From DJs to harpists, and magicians to bouncy castles, there are plenty of ways to keep your guests entertained!

Once the ceremony is over, the speeches have been made and you’ve had a few drinks to relax your nerves, it’s now time to party. And that is just what your wedding is – a celebration of your decision to spend the rest of your lives together, so why not make it the party to end all parties?
The music and entertainment you choose to put on will hopefully be a highlight of the day and let your guests relax and enjoy the celebrations, and there are so many options out there these days that you will be spoilt for choice.


When choosing what music you want at your wedding although you need to bear in mind selecting something that all the guests will enjoy, make sure that it is also what you as a couple enjoy – reflects both your personalities.
One option is to hire a band. Live music can really give a venue a lively atmosphere and can act as a feature of the evening where everyone can get up and sing along with the band, rather than just enjoy background entertainment.
You might want to choose a band that does covers of a group or a particular genre of music you like, but feel free to also consider some local bands that play their own tunes if you fancy something a little different.
It’s really important that you see a performance from the band before booking them – you need to be sure the style and sound they deliver is what you are looking for. Agree a playlist for the evening, ask them how long their sets usually last for and organise how these will fit around the rest of the evening.
Find out too how much equipment they will be bringing with them and if the venue can accommodate it all – you don’t want the dance floor taken up entirely by the band!
Another option is to hire a DJ. This way you can have a variety of music played throughout the evening and get guests involved by inviting them to make special requests.
When you meet up with your potential DJs ask them how extensive their library is and check whether they have the tracks you want. Ideally have a track list the two of you have put together before you meet with the DJ to check that he can provide all your choices, or if he doesn’t have them it will give him the opportunity to get hold of them.
If you’re looking for something that bit different, then why not see if the DJ also supplies lighting to give a disco feel – or even if they have a bubble machine! Just because the early parts of the day may be quite formal it doesn’t mean that you can’t let your hair down in the evening.
When it comes to music, it’s not just in the evening that you might want a musician. A romantic idea is to hire a harpist to play as your guests arrive at the venue or a pianist performing as everyone enjoys their glass of bubbly. You can always hire someone to play throughout the meal as well, or have a chat with your venue to see if venue if they have any equipment which you can use/hire to play music that you have brought yourself.


A wedding day is quite a long affair and involves a fair bit of waiting around on the guests’ part during times such as the photographs, so why not put on some entertainment for them for those inbetween times? For example a magician can mingle with the guests surprising them with tricks as they watch the photographs being taken, or he could move from table to table performing illusions during the meal.
For the children attending – and the big children too! – you could hire outdoor games for them to play such as croquet or boules or even rent a bouncy castle! But make sure the venue is happy with these being on the grounds before you book anything. A quirky option could be to hire a caricaturist to draw pictures of your guests so they then have a memento of the day to take home with them.
A romantic touch worth considering is a symbolic dove release or maybe some beautiful butterflies. And if you really want the evening to go off with a bang then why not end it with a firework display – but make sure you check with your venue first.
If you’re having a summer wedding then you could hire an ice cream van to keep guests cool, or instead of a formal meal you could through a more informal barbecue.
The first dance is a key point of the evening so it is understandable that you want to choose a song that means something special to you both. If you want to do more than just sway to the song, then you could book yourselves some dance lessons to learn a traditional dance, or for that something a little bit different a dance routine to surprise everyone with. Bear in mind though your style of dress and shoes as a 10ft train does not agree with breakdancing! If you also want to have a first dance with your dad, then why not ask him to come along to the lessons with you too?

Children’s entertainment

If you are inviting children to the wedding then you could hire a crèche so they have an area to play supervised by an adult while the parents relax and mingle. If your budget doesn’t stretch to this, then see if you can accommodate a table with board games, along with colouring pens and paper, for children to sit at to entertain themselves. Then see if there are any teenagers on hand who might be happy watching over them.
Alternatively you could provide some professional entertainment for them such as hiring a clown or children’s magician to make the big day special for them too.