How To Plan the Perfect Menu

Have fun and be creative with your wedding menu!

Creating your wedding menu doesn’t have to become a chore! With these steps, Planning Your Wedding will help you create the perfect wedding menu in no time…

Step one: Presentation is everything. Your guest will eat with their eyes first, so make sure each course looks delicious and exciting. You can carry out your colour theme throughout your wedding menu too, whether it be a cocktail or dessert.

Step two: Be creative! If you are serving hot dishes, the hors d’oeuvres are your chance to have fun. If you’re hosting a winter wedding why not serve your favourite soups in shot glasses with a sprinkle of croutons? Don’t forget that mini foods are┬ávery trendy.

Step three: Keep the element of surprise! Be daring and avoid a pre-set menu. It will keep your guests guessing.

Step four: Don’t stuff your guests! Keep your menu light and stick to the traditional three course menu if you’re having a sit down meal. You want your guests up and dancing, not stuffed in the corner!

Step five: The thirty-minute rule! After each course, the waiting staff should everything cleared within half an hour. The food should be one element of your big day not the entire focus.

Step six: Keep it simple. Couples can be tempted to go fancy on their wedding day, but be careful not to intimidate your guests. You don’t want to create a wonderful but weird menu that you’re guests are not going to eat.

Step seven: Have fun! Creating your wedding menu gives couples the opportunity to be creative and most importantly have fun with it.

Bon appetit!