Get Set To Celebrate

Once the ceremony is over it’s time for you and your guests to party!

When it comes to music and entertainment at a wedding, couples traditionally think of hiring a DJ, who will definitely help your evening go with a swing! It is a good idea before you meet any DJs to spend some time making up a play list of all the key songs you would like to hear during the evening and then check that your DJ has the songs you want. You can also make a list of what you don’t want played if there are some cheesey songs you want to avoid. Some DJs can also supply lighting to add to the evening’s ambience.

If you prefer live music there are plenty of bands out there you can hire, from those who will play covers of popular songs for you to those with their own material. Ask to see them perform before you book them – you need to make sure they are what you are looking for – and check there is enough room at your venue for all of their equipment.

But it’s not just the evening music where there are options – you can always have music playing while your guests arrive for the ceremony. Harpists are a popular choice as their soft music adds a beautiful background to the day. Pianists are also a nice choice and add a touch of elegance.

If you are looking for something a little bit different to entertain your guests, why not hire a magician to wander amongst the tables between courses to entertain everyone from children to grandparents? Or hire a caricaturist to capture the day in a quirky way?

If you want to end the night with a bang – and you have the budget to stretch to it – consider having a spectacular fireworks display, but first ask the venue if they are happy to accommodate it.

If you want to put on activities for your guests, why not get a bouncy castle suitable for the smallest children to the biggest kids or supply games such as croquet or boules? But again, make sure the venue is happy for people to be playing them in the grounds.

You could also consider having a barbecue for the evening guests or even an ice cream van throughout the day if you’re planning a summer wedding.

All of these are also good ways to keep people entertained while you have your photographs taken as these can take a while, especially if you are having a variety of group shots that need organising, and guests can feel at a loose end while waiting for all of them to be taken.


The first dance is a key traditional point of the wedding reception and a much anticipated moment among the guests. While some couples choose to sway to the song of their choice on the dance floor, others are making it more of an event by going to dance lessons in the run-up to the big day so they can put on a real show. There are plenty of companies that can help get rid of your two left feet!

Make sure the song you choose for your first dance as Mr & Mrs is one that has a special meaning to both of you as well as one that you are able to move to! Wear your wedding shoes while practising – this is also a great way to wear them in so they are comfortable on the day.

Some brides like to mark the occasion by also having a dance with their father – so you may want to bring him in on any lessons too.