Food For Thought

Any good party needs food and your wedding is no exception. There are so many options available for all budgets and taste buds, just remember to opt for something your guests will love as much as you do.

Choosing the food for your wedding can be one of the toughest decisions. Other elements of your day are an opportunity to reflect your own personality and style, but the food needs to be something that everyone will enjoy. Venues and caterers do offer a huge range, so enjoy sampling the options and choosing your perfect combination.

© Helen England Photography

© Helen England Photography

Hotels, restaurants and traditional wedding caterers normally offer a three-course meal option. If you have a large number to cater for, it’s easiest to go with one option that you know most people will enjoy. Make sure to ask your guests for any specific dietary requirements when you send out the invites, so you can advise the caterer in advance. If you are planning a smaller reception, then you may be able to offer your guests a choice of meals. Remember to include a vegetarian option and ensure the venue keeps a note of what each of your guests has ordered – chances are most of them will have forgotten by the day. You may be able to save a little by opting for a carvery if your budget is limited. Guests will still enjoy a three-course meal, but they’ll serve themselves rather than being waited on. You just need to make sure you have help managing the queues so they don’t get too long.

© Rachel Luckhurst Photography

© Rachel Luckhurst

At one time the word buffet conjured up images of cheese cubes and cocktail sausages on sticks! But today, buffets can be as varied and wonderful as you like. It often works out cheaper than a silver-service menu and you can offer your guests a more exotic variety too. People can then select the options and quantities they’d like.

Summer weddings offer the chance to make the most of the great outdoors and a growing number of companies offer barbecues or hog roasts. Served with baked potatoes, some great salads and sauces, these can be the perfect option for more informal, relaxed weddings. Just make sure that you have waiting staff to help serve and clear up plates.

© Helen England Photography

© Helen England Photography


If you want something a little lighter and unexpected, you could indulge your guests in a sumptuous afternoon tea, rather than a full-blown meal.
For a touch of individuality, hire an ice cream van or a candy floss machine for the evening. Not only will your guests love the sweet treats, they’ll make quirky backdrops for some great photographs. You could even offer bacon butties to those who make it through to the end of a long night of partying.


Depending on the time of your wedding reception, you may want to have food in the evening too. Don’t go over the top though. If you’re eating late in the afternoon or early evening then a cheese board with some wedding cake may be all that’s needed. But if your wedding breakfast is earlier, you may well want something more substantial. Just make sure you tell your evening guests what you’re providing, so they know whether or not to eat in advance.

As the bride and groom you may be too nervous or excited to eat, but your guests will certainly get hungry if there’s a long wait between the wedding ceremony and the reception.
Official photographs may take quite a while too, so it’s a good idea to provide a few snacks or canapés for guests while they wait. Twinned with a glass of bubbly, you can ensure that your guests are happy and you won’t lose anyone in a takeaway!

 “Summer Weddings offer the chance to make the most of the great outdoors”