How To Have a Champagne Honeymoon On a Prosecco Budget

Dream honeymoons can be expensive, and whilst recent research by Emirates Holidays revealed that Brits spend almost double on their honeymoon (£4,011) than on a regular holiday (£2,235), the biggest hurdle for couples in planning mode was finding the budget to book a memorable trip alongside the expenses of a wedding (38%).

To help couples enjoy a ‘champagne’ honeymoon on a ‘prosecco’ budget, Emirates Holidays’ newly appointed Honeymoon Planners (Nasreen Yousaf, Jordan Rowntree and Danielle Cox) have compiled their top tips on how to achieve your #honeymoongoals without over-spending:

  1. Agree your top three priorities: First things first, you need to pick your top three honeymoon priorities and work out exactly how much you have to spend (including a buffer for spending money). This will help you decide which aspects of your honeymoon are non-negotiable and where you can save – for instance, if it is all about ‘location, location, location’ then choose to splash out on a luxury hotel upfront and scrimp elsewhere.
  2. Upgrade your upgrade: We know that honeymooning couples like to upgrade their flight or their room to make their holiday extra special. Rather than blowing your budget by upgrading every element, be selective so you can really enjoy the moments where you’ve indulged. For instance, why not upgrade one leg of your flight, or treat yourself to a luxury suite or ocean front villa for one night only?
  3. Early (love)birds: Book as early as possible so you can have your pick of standard hotel rooms, whilst also giving yourself time to stagger payments for different elements of your trip. Emirates Holidays lets travellers put down a £100 deposit upon booking with the balance only due ten weeks before you travel which means that you can save up for your honeymoon costs over a longer period, helping you to budget.
  4. Set up a ‘Honeyfund’: By planning ahead and setting up a ‘Honeyfund’ you won’t notice a small amount of your salary being put aside each month. For a boost closer to the big trip, you could ask your wedding guests to make contributions towards your dream trip for use on extra-special moments like a candle lit dinner on the beach.
  5. Planning makes perfect: To help you forget about your budget and focus on your new spouse whilst you’re away, we suggest pre-booking tours and excursions. Not only can you do the research from home and spread out payments, it also means you will need less spending money whilst you’re there.
  6. Off-season steals: Travelling off-peak for a bargain doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your overall honeymoon experience. Off-season, destinations will be less crowded with tourists, and if the weather takes a turn then you can use the money you’ve saved to perhaps indulge in a couple’s massage or to enjoy a romantic meal.
  7. Whole-in-one: You can save money by booking a package which includes all transport, accommodation, meals, tours, transfers and taxes in one price, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected expenses on honeymoon. This year Emirates Holidays has seen that on average room rates are down year-on-year as hotels compete to attract guests with great value all-inclusive packages that incorporate activities as well as food and drinks.
  8. Embrace the simple(r) life: To help you prioritise any must-have moments with an associated price tag, there are lots of ways to swap expensive experiences for cheaper options without compromising on fun. For instance, a group tour rather than a private trip can be a good way to still tick off the big tourist attractions without blowing the budget. Or to make the most of the ocean, why not enjoy a leisurely snorkeling excursion rather than scuba diving – particularly as in destinations like Thailand and Maldives, some of the most beautiful reefs are not located far from the shore.
  9. Get some expert-ease: There’s lots to think about in the run-up to a wedding without factoring in planning the trip of a lifetime to follow. It’s no surprise that in hindsight two thirds (62%) of honeymooners wish they’d used a travel agent to help them on their way. We can offer sound and impartial advice on not only the destination but the best time of year to travel, local activities, the nicest places to stay and even those extra special ‘champagne’ touches you might not have time to think about – meaning less stress and more magic, the recipe for putting any marriage on the right track from the start!

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