Celebration cakes

When it comes to being creative with your wedding cake, these days anything goes…

Wedding cakes have come a long way from the traditional three tiers of fruit cake covered in white icing with a bride and groom perched on top. These days anything goes and choosing a cake is no longer a simple task – you have to consider how many tiers to have, what filling to go for, how to decorate it and that’s before you throw in newer options, such as having a tiered cupcake display. So start thinking about it early, especially as you will usually need to order your cake three to six months before the big day.

Next there is the question of whether you tie in your colour scheme with the cake. You could do this simply through ribbons, getting sugar flowers that match your bouquets or even dye the whole cake the colour of your scheme!

When it comes to the filling, think about the guests you are inviting, what you think would suit their tastes – especially if there are a lot of children attending.

Tiers are a good way of offering guests a variety of fillings. When it comes to the number of tiers to have, you’ll need to bear in mind how many guests you’re inviting. Tiers also allow for the option of keeping the top one for your first anniversary or to celebrate your first child.


Cup cakes are becoming an increasingly popular wedding option as they can create an unusual and colourful display, and you can include any number of different fillings and toppings depending on your budget and how complicated you want to get!


If you are working to a budget most leading supermarkets now sell their own ranges of wedding cakes which are easily assembled and elegant. If you want to give it the personal touch you could add to the decoration and tie it in with your colour theme if you want to.

There is also the option of baking your own cake – or getting a member of your family to do it.

Traditionally the wedding cake was cut up to give to guests to take away with them, but one way to save on costs could be to use the cake as your dessert or as part of the buffet, therefore reducing the number of courses you are paying for.