Blooms on a budget

Just because you’re trying to cut back on costs doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having beautiful flowers arranged by a professional – there are plenty of ways to get a great look without breaking the ban.

When planning your wedding cost is a major factor in the decisions you make and there are lots of ways to reduce them – however at beau-k florist we don’t think that means you should have to cut down on your experiences too.
Even on a budget you can still hire a professional florist to give you beautiful flowers and peace of mind. A lot of brides are advised to DIY their wedding flowers but we strongly disagree. Even if you are opting for the simplest design of flowers in jam jars the way they are arranged by a professional will make all the difference.
People often say, ‘I can’t see the point of spending money on flowers as they only last a short time’…but you will also be spending money on a dress you will only wear once and food that will be eaten in one day. Your flowers will represent your whole day, they will be in your photos for your lifetime, will create a lovely atmosphere for your wedding and they are something that we are asked to re-create on anniversaries.
Flowers create emotions and even if they are not high on your list of priorities, the knowledge that a florist acquires over many years regarding what flowers to use in terms of colour, variety and seasonal factors are things a DIY bride will simply not know.
Too often we see brides that say my friend is making the buttonholes as I only want a rose so she’s going to buy them from the supermarket and we’ll just pin them on. This makes my heart sink. Firstly the friend has no trail of where those flowers are from, no idea on how old they are and the quality of them. There is no mention of the mechanics we use to make sure the rose stays fresh and upright on the day. These are the skills we spend years at college learning.
So take the stress out of arranging your flowers, treat yourself to a wonderful experience of having something designed totally bespoke for you and hire a professional for your big day.
The best advice I can give brides on a budget is to actually set the budget. It so much easier for both of us to then be realistic on what you can afford. Of course a bride on a budget may not be able to have her dream of all white roses but maybe we could do a mixed bouquet of white flowers using some cheaper, everyday blooms and then add a few premium roses in there too.
Another tip is to decide on a colour and then allow the florist to buy the best flowers on the day. This means we don’t have to order flowers in advance which can push the price up – we can shop on auction a few days before and buy at the best price.
Style is also another way to save money – opt for a hand-held posy bouquet rather than a shower bouquet which requires much more intricate work.
Allow the florist to advise you on centrepieces, quite often the hired sundry items can push the price up. Instead of having flowers in an expensive vase have them made as table posies in oasis instead. Tell the florist your themes and they will suggest a few options.
Another tip is to collect items from the florist rather than having them delivered. Get an usher to collect the bouquets and buttonholes – and if your table centrepieces don’t need assembling then these too.
Many brides who think they aren’t really fussed about their flowers leave a consultation with us feeling wonderful, inspired and in control of their spend, creating a lovely experience.
Be upfront with your florist and look forward to beautiful, fresh flowers that have been treated and arranged professionally.
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