Blooming Perfect

As a key focal point for photographs it’s important to get the perfect bouquet

The wedding bouquet plays an important part of your big day, as it works as a strong focal point of most of your wedding photographs. Your flowers can also be a great way of stating your colour theme and also reflecting the season in which you have chosen to get married.

Decoration ideas

Table runners and chair ties

A great and easy way to carry your colour theme. For an added effect, why not sew a little charm on either side of the table runner? For example, if you were having a beach themed wedding, a starfish would make a great finishing touch.


Simple, yet effective, and it’s available in almost every colour. If you’re having a sweet station, why not draw your guest’s attention with a little bunting above the sweets?

Candle jars

It’s a cheap and easy way of creating a romantic atmosphere for an outdoor evening party. It’s also safer than an open flame.

Fairy lights

If your venue doesn’t have a pretty ceiling, why not decorate it with fairy lights? It will create an intimate and cosy atmosphere and will also look great in photographs.

Good florists tend to get booked up quickly so you will need to book yours at least three to six months before your wedding. When flicking through wedding magazines, cut out pictures of bouquets and flower arrangements that you like and show them to your florist.

It will make sure that you start on the same page and give your florist something tangible to work with. The more ideas and styles you bring to the table, the better idea your florist will have about the style you want to achieve.


If you are working to a tight budget, ask your florist to look into what is available locally and seasonally. This should help keep costs down. Be upfront about your budget from the start and make sure you ask about any hidden costs. What is the delivery cost? Will you have to pay for vase hire?


Florists can dye or paint most flowers so decide on a colour palette first instead of picking flowers because of their colour. If you want an exact colour match, it might be worth showing your florist a colour swatch of your bridesmaid dress to match the colour.

Be prepared

Make sure you have your florist’s number to hand, in case there are any last minute emergencies on the big day. Whether it’s a crushed corsage or lost buttonhole, you don’t want anything to ruin your day.


A great alternative for your bridesmaids are flower corsages. Or why not select three flowers from your bridal bouquet tied together with ribbon that matches your colour theme? It will look classy; it’s more affordable and it’s lightweight.


You can really be creative when it comes to decorating your venue, as it really allows you to stamp in both your personalities. So have fun with it. There are lots of wedding decoration companies who’ll have tons of impressive ideas that you’d never even thought of.

Like florists, wedding decoration companies get booked well in advance so begin your search at least three to six months before your wedding date.

It can be so easy to get carried away with lots of whacky ideas, but remember that your venue will have do’s and don’ts. So before you pay your decoration deposit, run your ideas by your venue.


It’s very easy for the cost to creep up when choosing your decorations, so make sure that you tell your chosen decorator your budget from the start.


It might be useful to take some snapshots of the room you want decorated and email them to your decorators. It will give them a clear idea of what they have to work with.

It will also be helpful to provide the venue room dimensions as this can often determine the final bill depending on the package chosen.

Get it in writing

If your venue decorators are putting together a package for you, make sure they bullet point what’s included in writing to avoid any misunderstandings on the big day.

Practice run

Before your big day arrange to meet your decorators at your venue. It will allow them to have a good look around and it will also avoid any last minute panics on the day.

Main Photo by Rachel Luckhurst