Best Dressed Wedding Guest

While the first rule of being a wedding guest is never to outshine the bride, that doesn’t mean dressing down for the occasion.

At any wedding – be it the royal one of Kate and William in 2011 at Westminster Abbey which attracted a worldwide audience estimated at two billion to a low-key intimate affair at a registry office – all eyes are on the bride and her ultimate fashion moment…that dress! And while as a guest you don’t want to steal the limelight from the bride on her big day, you still want to look your wedding day best.

Rules of engagement

Royal and celebrity nuptials aside, unless you’re attending a black tie or cocktail affair, the rules for a daytime wedding are slightly more relaxed. With photographic evidence aplenty on any average wedding day – and around for years in the photo albums – your outfit shouldn’t become the talking point over the cutting of the cake. The trick to getting your daytime wedding look right is really paying attention to your choice of materials. Avoid super-casual fabrics at all costs and instead, opt for lightweight dressy fabrics like chiffon or silk as they will give you the right hint of formality.

Walk Tall

Tread carefully with your choice of shoes – summer weddings can involve navigating freshly mown lawns or gravel driveways, meaning towering heels could be a no-no. The same can apply during the winter months if there is snow or ice on the ground. Wedges or pumps are always a safe choice, and with the range of colours, fabrics and embellishments on offer, you’re bound to find something to suit your outfit, and which you will be able to wear time and time again.
Remember, too, that like the bride, you will be wearing your shoes for the best part of the day and into the evening so comfy is the order of the day.

Colour Code

Unless you’ve got the bride’s approval, stay away from white, and pale colours can also cause problems, risking accusations of stepping into the bride’s spotlight. This includes cream, ecru and even nude. Also steer clear of white-heavy prints – as a rule, the print should not be 50 per cent white or more.

Essential Aftercare

As with any special occasion outfit, taking care of your clothes to preserve their good looks is advisable. Most dry cleaners offer a bespoke cleaning service for wedding gowns as well as specialist treatments for delicate fabrics, such as waistcoats and silk/satin dresses and ties.