Be in the tech-know

Weddings may be a traditional affair, but why not bring the happiest day of your life bang up-to-date with the help of technology and social media?

Share the love

Thanks to technology you can now let guests share in your special day in more ways than ever before.
If you want to keep your guests posted with updates and reminders in the lead-up to the occasion, consider creating a private wedding event page on Facebook, where you can upload fun pictures of preparations, post links to the wedding gift list or easily inform guests on any changes to proceedings.
It’s also a great place for your bridesmaids to orchestrate the hen do and break the ice by getting everyone chatting on the messaging app – especially if they have some top secret bride-to-be games they need to plan!

Get inspired

As you plan your big day, there’s no better way to keep on top of your overflowing inspiration than by compiling it on a digital moodboard. Pinterest lets you scour the web for inspiring images and collect them all together in one place, whereas Polyvore is another great site that allows members to curate personalised product collages, allowing you to experiment with pulling together looks and colour palettes.
Online moodboards like this are perfect for showing to florists and stylists too, as it immediately helps them to understand the look you’re aiming for.

On the go

If inspiration tends to strike when you’re on the go, invest in a phone app like Evernote or OneNote so that you’re never without a place to record those lightbulb moments. These apps allow you to organise your ideas into notes that you can edit whenever and wherever you like, as well as allowing you to tag bookmarks to webpages you’ve visited and images you’ve come across too.

Long distance

Nobody has to miss a minute of your wedding, no matter how far away they are. Overcome the barrier of distance and include friends and family who are abroad by live streaming your day to them through apps like Broadcast For Friends and Skype. Liven up the speeches by incorporating some long-distance real-time messages from your absent nearest and dearest.

Get the party started

If you want to keep everyone happy on the dance floor, why not let your guests play DJ by creating an open playlist on a streaming service like Spotify? Friends and family can add songs to the list in the run-up to the event, which you can then edit into a set for the evening do.

Snap happy

The thrill of developing a disposable wedding camera will never fade, but technology now makes it even simpler to compile photo memories of your special day. Set up a personal hashtag for friends to tag their Instagram photos to, or create an album on your Facebook event page where guests can upload their snaps.