Arrive in Style

You will arrive at the ceremony a single woman and leave it a married one – so make it a journey you’ll never forget with memories to treasure forever

Arriving at the ceremony is your chance to make a grand entrance as you reveal the dress you’ve picked and the look you have gone for.

While many brides choose to arrive in a car, these days travel options are endless – from a horse and carriage or limousine to a motorbike or even a helicopter!

While your budget may not stretch to the latter there are plenty of firms out there to help you with the rest.

Your first step is to work out how many people you need to transport on the day. Traditionally the groom and best man will be the first at the church to greet the guests as they arrive. They will then be followed by the bridesmaids and mother-of-the- bride, while the bride and her father (or whoever is giving her away) will be the last to arrive.

If you are close enough to the venue you could hire one car to do all the trips, going backwards and forwards at suitable intervals. If you have a longer distance to cover you may want to opt for multiple cars, alternatively you could break with tradition and hire one limousine to transport all of you there in one go.

“The groom may want to arrive in style in a sports car”


©Helen England

You may have always dreamed of arriving in a horse and carriage, in which case you could hire a car for the rest of the bridal party and guests. The carriage could also double up as the transport for you and your new husband if you need to travel to another venue for the reception.

If you do opt a horse and carriage, check there is a way of keeping dry if it rains or if there is alternative transport should any issues arise.

Classic and vintage cars are another popular choice, from Bentleys and Rolls-Royce to Mercedes and Daimlers. Alternatively the groom may want to arrive in style in a sports car – you could always hire one as your wedding gift to him.

Whatever mode of transport you decide on, visit the company supplying it to check you’re happy with the look and condition of the vehicle before you book. Companies also usually have a variety of colours and items to decorate the vehicles which you can tie in with your theme.

Top Tips

The top things to consider when choosing your transport are:

Time of year

While you may want an open- top car, if you’re getting married in the winter this could be cold, wet and windy.


A horse and carriage is great for a short journey but could cause congestion on main roads or be unable to go on poorly laid ones.

Number of venues

Will you need transport between venues and back home, to a hotel or to the airport?


A big dress will be eye-catching as you walk down the aisle and pose for photos but make sure there’s plenty of room in the transport for it as you don’t want to arrive looking all creased.


Don’t get too carried away. It’s all too easy to lose track of your finances with elaborate ideas.

The Guests

While it is important to have in place how the bridal party gets to and from venues, give a thought to your guests as well. If you are having the reception at a different venue from the ceremony, it might be worth considering putting on some transport for them, depending on the number invited.

You could hire a minibus for the trip, or if you have a bigger party an increasing trend is to hire an old-fashioned double-decker London bus for the guests to enjoy.

If you decide not to put on transport for your guests, it’s worth asking one of the ushers to check how people are getting between the venues and arrange lifts with others guests where needed.