10 Perfect Tips: Wedding Planning Guide

Planning a wedding can seem daunting. While you may be excited to tie the knot, you don’t want to be getting twisted in your own knot worrying about all the organisation. The run-up to your big day should be exciting, not stressful; which is why we have provided some tips, so you can quit the worrying and start the celebrations!

1. A Rush of Love

It can be easy to rush in, head first. After all, you’re engaged! That’s exciting, but rushing into getting married can be a recipe for disaster. You will end up with a wedding you aren’t 110% happy with, and you certainly don’t want that. Take your time with the process to ensure you plan a perfect day.

2. A Plan After my Own Heart

The key to planning a day which you can look back on in joy is to begin planning early; in fact, begin the enquiring from the week you are engaged. Begin to search online for wedding car hire, photographers etc, and don’t forget about having your key date in mind.

3. The Bigger Picture

Try and begin by envisioning your big day and what kind of wedding you want and work inwards from that. Everything will fall into place once you have your main framework planned. It’s fine to get excited about it, so get to conjuring up ideas!

4. Needs Vs Wants

Try to separate your wants from your needs. The needs list needs to have items which are essential to make the day work; items such as the rings and the wedding transport. Your wants can come after your needs; this will be items such as elaborate centrepieces.

5. Budget is Key

Don’t spend a penny until you have the budget thoroughly worked out. Couples can go wrong early on by not being financially organised. Don’t blow your budget on one thing such as the venue either – try and spread it and include necessities!

6. Cut and Run

Uncle Jim would probably love to take your wedding photos and the Mother-in-Law would love to put her vintage beetle to use and drive you to the ceremony, but would everyone be happy? You can save stress by hiring professional services.

7. Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest

Sorting your guests early is a great idea! Once you’ve got your guest list, invites, RSVPs and such sorted, you can focus on a venue that will cater to your party size. Then you focus on having fun with your table arrangements and decorations.

8. Pick of the Bunch

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen could be the difference between a smooth wedding planning ride and not. Make sure you pick the most supportive, and of course a fun bunch of people. Choose wisely; you want to look back at your wedding photos and still have them by your side.

9. Lists of Lists

Lists will be your life saviour. Every time you have a thought or remember what you need – jot it down! There are many checklists on the internet which you can print out and tick your way through; including everything from the wedding car hire to your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!

10. Big Day, Bigger Smiles

While all this planning seems daunting, it can be fun, and so it should be! If you give yourself plenty of time, utilise lists and overall be organised you will give yourself the time to enjoy the experience. Involve your groomsmen and bridesmaids with your planning and you will be sure to have a laugh while getting some serious business done!

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